Welcome to Aero Innovation inc. in Montreal, Canada, home of the WOMBAT test in use in 46 countries since 1990. WOMBAT is used to select/screen candidates in flight operations, mass public transportation, nuclear energy production, maritime operations, air traffic control, and many more. WOMBAT is also used by numerous research laboratories for pharmaceutical, medical, industrial engineering, psychology, academic, or military studies.

WOMBAT is an unique aptitude test measuring Situational Awareness and Stress Tolerance, designed to be minimally impacted by external experiences or cultural activities. The system requires a WOMBAT console connected to a standard computer running on Windows OS 7 to 10. Candidates first learn the tasks and their rules, then take the test which usually lasts 90 minutes. Scores are easy to read and don't require outsourced assistance. When configured in network, several WOMBAT systems can store their results in a central location for easy management.

WOMBAT is delivered in American English and French. However, you have access to the ANSI-coded text displayed in WOMBAT and you may translate/adapt in some other languages, as required. All WOMBAT products are royalty-free. Once you have purchased a WOMBAT system, you can use it without ever paying per-use fees, for as long as they want.

To learn more about WOMBAT, please browse the pages on this web site, including the FAQ. Please contact us if you need more information. Candidates requested to take the WOMBAT test should contact their future employer or training institution for more details.