on January 1st, 2016

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Upgrade your old WOMBAT system to the newest USB - Windows - WOMBAT for $ 4450.00/ea


Prices in US Dollars

Cost for the first system
Cost for the second system
Cost for the third system
Cost for the fourth system
Cost for the fifth system
Cost for the sixth system
Cost for the seventh system
Cost for the eighth (& subs.)

$ 34,115.00
$ 25,115.00
$ 22,115.00
$ 19,115.00
$ 17,115.00
$ 17,115.00
$ 16,115.00
$ 15,115.00


Terms and Conditions

Currency All prices quoted in US Dollars, no currency substitution.
PC Hardware Not normally supplied, the PC hardware requires an USB port. Runs on Windows 7 to 10. The console's dimensions and weight are found in the F.A.Q. page.
Delivery F.O.B. Montreal Canada. Please advise us of your choice of carrier. We normally ship with Fedex. You may organize a pickup once full payment is received.
Royalties All WOMBAT products are royalty-free. There are no user fees, the use is unlimited and unrestricted, private or commercial (Good news!). Read also the F.A.Q. page.
Taxes For export, there are no sales taxes or duties to be paid in Canada. All other taxes and duties must be paid by the Purchaser.
Warranty Minimum 1 year limited warranty. Refer to sales contract.
Terms Normally 100% Pre-paid.
Languages Delivered in user-modifiable American English and Canadian French. The operator has access to all ANSI-coded files for easy translation and customizing. Not all languages on the planet can be adapted into WOMBAT. InDesign source files for manuals are available free of charge to official WOMBAT operators.